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Together we can

We are making progress in the renovation of Aspire House, but our work is not complete. Volunteers are key difference makers in our sustained effort toward completion. As construction continues, your help is needed in the categories of skills, supplies, and support.

Interested in donating? Our address is 1002 Udell Street, Indianapolis, IN 46208. You can write a check or give online.

restore the steeple

This 20-foot steeple was donated to Aspire House by the Biancofiori Masonry. We plan to refurbish it and mount it in place of the tower that was missing from the firehouse when we purchased the building. 

The steeple was built around 1894, which was three years before our beloved firehouse was erected in 1897. This steeple once sat above a Lutheran church in Mulberry, Indiana – 48 miles north of Indianapolis. Musician, singer, and songwriter, Sheryl Crow considered purchasing this steeple for her home’s chapel. We are happy to own this piece of Indiana history.

To restore the steeple, we need funds to rebuild its base, repair its shingles, and shore up its frame so the base of the steeple can be attached to the tower. We also need a structural engineer to instruct us on how to securely anchor the steeple.

renovate the fire house

Firehouse renovations are currently underway. To ready the space for completion, we need to install plumbing, electricity, heating, and air conditioning. Your contributions will help us hire skilled labor and purchase the materials necessary for this work.

fire house renovations

If you want to donate something other than financial resources, we can always use materials, supplies, labor, and expertise in every field. If you wish to make a non-monetary contribution, please contact us so we can discuss these donations with you. Every reasonable offer is accepted.

acceptable donations include:

Professionally trained and licensed plumbers, roofers, welders, woodworkers, electricians, framers, HVAC professionals, structural engineers, landscapers, and designers. Materials include construction supplies,and the donated use of heavy equipment and operators.

support us

Our work is important to us, valuable to the community, and costly to finance. Our founders, Tim and Sharon Clark, have invested more than $200,000 of personal funds to keep work moving. We have received some grant donations in modest amounts and continually apply for more. We are fortunate to have some private donors who consistently give financial support, but more donors are needed.