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RyZe Kitchen

The RyZe Kitchen is the culinary sector of the Aspire House hub, a community resource to learn, grow, and innovate. With health and wellness at our core, we welcome palatable creativity and encourage visionary exploration into food as medicine.

RyZe Kitchen Programs

Roots on the RyZe with Tasha Banks

MArch - June 2024

Sassy Senior Sizzle with Marion County Public Health Department

March 2024 - Jan. 2025

Junior Chef Program

May 2024 - June 2024

Junior Pastry Chef Program

May 2024 - july 2024

Roots on the Ryze
Review from anita c.

“I love the classes. Chef Tasha has made selections that are simple and practical. I have bragged to friends about these classes. I always look forward to them.”

sassy senior sizzle
review from Carolyn w.

“I enjoyed the presentation by the Marion County Health Department representative on how to read nutritional labels. The PowerPoint handout was detailed and easy to understand.”

Food is Fuel

At the RyZe Kitchen, we serve communities of all ages in a variety of ways. From our nutrition-based cooking programs, health education classes, and community gardens, we feed our neighbors through food, creativity, and innovation.

As a center for education and well-balanced diets, the RyZe Kitchen offers a variety of nutrition-based programs. Junior Chef and Junior Pastry Chef classes provide a safe space for youth to harness their creative potential and share their culinary masterpieces with their families. Our senior programs offer a space to learn about diabetes, hypertension, and heart health. 

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