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Meet the Team

Executive Director

Sharon Clark

Sharon retired after 23 years of coaching the Butler University women’s volleyball team, which included NCAA Tournament appearances and conference championships. She brings a wealth of expertise through her work and volunteerism as she seeks to help people of color in non-traditional sports through health and wellness initiatives.

Culinary Curator

Tasha Banks

Tasha is a self taught plant-based chef with a medical and education background. She loves music, art, nature, teaching, and creativity. Her motto is to inspire purpose in everything she does.

Event Coordinator

Anisa Cobb

Anisa, a Butler University graduate with a background in Arts Administration and Art History, originates from Upper Marlboro, Maryland. Her interests span art curation, dance, mentoring girls, pilates, and exploring Indianapolis’ culinary scene. With a passion for nonprofit management and the arts, she aims to forge impactful relationships within Indianapolis’ Near Northwest community.

Sports intern

Jimmy Davis

Jimmy Davis is a rising junior at Butler University studying public health. He is a sprinter for Butler and involved in Greek life. Jimmy has a passion for community and health research. He wants to be an advocate for the city of Indianapolis’ health needs.

Director of Sports

Jalesa Lee

Jalesa, a proud Butler University alumna, excelled as a Division I volleyball athlete. Following graduation, she channeled her passion for sports into coaching. Jalesa combines her expertise in sports management and community engagement to drive impactful initiatives. She is dedicated to nurturing healthy, resilient communities on the near Northwest side of Indianapolis— where her late father was raised and experienced the challenges of systemic racism.

Community Relations Americorps Public Ally

Nora Ruotolo

Nora graduated with a degree in Sports Communications from the University of Evansville in 2023. She serves with Aspire House through the AmeriCorps Public Allies program. Her dream is to inspire and connect communities through sports. In her free time, she enjoys watching her favorite sports teams, especially the Cincinnati Bengals, and exploring the world with friends.

Event Coordinator

Boni Strong

Boni is a former educator who extended that passion into community engagement. Her diverse interests and experiences have shaped her approach to seeking opportunities and resources for children and families in need. She genuinely appreciates many forms of artistic expression and loves music, cooking, and traveling. She is a wife and mother of two adult sons. 

Wellness Coordinator

Tia Sublett

Tia is an artist, a lifetime student, and a full-time mother to two children. She enjoys the outdoors, food, and art. One of her favorite things to do is pouring into the community.

Health, wellness, and sport Team Member

Fadol Tiamiou

Fadol is a graduate of IUI, formerly known as IUPUI. With his background in psychology, child neglect, and abuse, his passion evolves around leadership, mentorship, mental health, and people from all walks of life.