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Meet our team

Sharon Clark

Executive Director

Sharon retired after 23 years of coaching the Butler University women's volleyball team, which included multiple NCAA Tournament appearances and conference championships. She brings a wealth of expertise through her work and volunteerism as she seeks to help people of color in non-traditional sports through health, wellness, and fitness initiatives.

Noah Ayers

Director of Sports

Nora Ruotolo

Community Relations Ally

Nora graduated with a degree in Sports Communications from the University of Evansville. She serves with Aspire House through the AmeriCorps Public Allies program. Her dream is to inspire and connect communities through sports. In her free time, she enjoys watching her favorite sports teams and exploring the world with friends.

Tia Sublett

Wellness Coordinator

Tia is an artist, a lifetime student, and a full-time mother to two children. She enjoys the outdoors, food, and art. One of her favorite things to do is pouring into the community.

Leah McMichael

Community Garden Coordinator

Leah is a gardener, novelist, and sustainability educator in Indianapolis. Passionate about food and the life of the soil, she loves coaxing abundance from forgotten urban spaces. When not at Aspire House, she can be found chasing her chickens out of kale or wandering the Near East Side with her nose in a book.