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Great communities and strong neighborhoods are healthy communities. We are committed to offering instruction on good nutrition, exercise, and mind-body maintenance.

Our Pillars


Maintaining a balanced diet full of fresh food is key to a healthy life. We grow fresh produce for our neighbors in the community garden. Healthy eating initiatives and hydration stations are present at all of our events. We are excited to establish the community kitchen in the firehouse to bring healthy eating classes to you.


Mental health is often overlooked, but is very important to one's mind-body maintenance. All three of our pillars go hand-in-hand. A healthy diet, physical activity, and creative outlets are proven to boost mental wellbeing. We created a Zen Zone at the Indy Street Fest and have art projects at the firehouse to inspire creativity and mental wellbeing.


We are committed to bringing opportunities to youth in our community through sports. Our sports clinics promote physical activity and the values of teamwork and sportsmanship. Each year, we hold Girls Field Days, lacrosse clinics, Wheels Clubs, and more.

On Friday, May 19th, 200 girls from 8 local schools took part in the Aspire Higher Foundation’s Girls Field Day at Watkins Park. The girls had the opportunity to play and learn new sports such as football, rugby, pickleball, tennis, cycling, jump roping, and more. This event was made possible by an Elevation Grant from CICF. 

Video Credits: Weatherhouse Co.