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BlaTina Varsity Posse 4.0

We are looking for students with bright minds who are eager to learn and set themselves up for a STEM career.

About Varsity Posse

What is Varsity Posse?

BlaTina Varsity Posse is a 20-week in-person and virtual educational program for high school girls. It will guide them from high school, through college, and into careers in innovation and technology (IT). Students will make connections with professionals who look like them in the STEM and IT fields. In addition, there will be two trips to colleges and businesses in California and New England. 

When is Varsity Posse?

The program will launch in the week of January 29th, 2024 and will wrap up in May 2024.

Who can Apply for Varsity Posse?

We are looking for a team of 20-24 Black and Latina girls who attend local Indianapolis high schools. Applicants should have a demonstrated interest in STEM and STEM-related majors, have taken challenging courses in high school, have diverse interests in and outside of STEM fields, have an interest in teamwork and diversity, and be committed to their academic development.

Where is Varsity Posse held?

All sessions will take place at Aspire House unless otherwise noted. We will provide transportation on days when we go on field trips to local universities and businesses.

Why Varsity Posse?

Women, especially Black and Latina women, are underrepresented in the STEM field. Careers in innovation and technology are rewarding with opportunities to exercise and expand the mind, make a meaningful impact, and grow professionally. This program will open the doors to endless possibilities for Black and Latina girls in Indianapolis. The program provides college prep resources and career exploration in the growing STEM field.

Nomination and Program Information Forms

Recruiting for Varsity Posse

We are looking for 20-24 Black and Latina high school girls who are passionate about science, technology, innovation, and math. We need the help of our Indianapolis high school principals and leaders to identify students who are truly dedicated to pursuing STEM careers and post-secondary programs. Nominations stay open until January 22nd, 2024.

Apply for Varsity Posse

Are you a high school student who is interested in pursuing a career in STEM? Do you enjoy learning and want to gain invaluable experience that will help you launch yourself into college? Submit your application below by January 22nd, 2024. 


Develop Marketable Skills

STEM courses and careers build a unique skillset rooted in creativity and problem solving. This enables students to think critically about data and information. In an age of growing technological advancements, these skills are increasingly important and translatable in many areas.

Make an Impact in the World

The world is becoming more automated and dependent on technology. STEM careers transform communities through innovations in areas such as national defense, social inequities, national infrastructure, public policy, and climate change.

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